ImageI have now reached the point in the semester I have dreaded the most: saying goodbye to my a cappella group– my family, my friends. I joined DeCadence in the second half of my sophomore year and the journey with this team of talented and inspiring performers has given me so much since then. DeCadence gave me more than just an outlet, it gave me a group of unforgettable and irreplaceable friends. 

Looking back, I have so much to be proud of with this group: from winning the quarter finals at the ICCA quarterfinals last year, to arranging and choreographing one of our most popular and well-known pieces last semester, to actually being one of the leaders responsible for the group’s success this semester. I’ve grown with these people so much and it has been such an honor to give back to the group all that it’s given me. I will never forget the lessons I learned as a member and leader of this group. I walk away from DeCadence full of love and respect for everyone I’ve met in this enriching and inspiring community. Thank you to everyone I have worked with and performed with- you have all shaped me into the person I am today. Know that I am better because of you: a better friend, a better leader, and a better performer. These are things I pray I can continue sharing and developing with others on this new and exciting journey after graduation. 

It is time to say goodbye, now. Goodbye to so many opportunities and experiences I have taken full advantage of. Goodbye to the peers I have so much respect and trust for, to carry on the progress and excellence we’ve worked so hard to create the past few semesters. Goodbye to my friends who I love dearly- your love has held me, lifted me, and inspired me in   ways that words can’t begin to explain. Goodbye to a semester of hard work and accomplished goals. 

Goodbye, and from the bottom of my heart– thank you for everything.


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