What Went Away

To China, we said
we’d never quit
we’d dig through sand
Through rock, we said
we’d never stop
despite denim
dirt pockets.
Our nails, we said
could claw and grip
the grains like spade
With hands and feet
we dug and built
our castles, holes,


But sandbox shovels break at beaches
The lands stretched far too wide
My hand upon your handle still
Digs all this wet sand dry.
The shovel the pail, the try the fail-
One tool more useful than the other;
We could not dig forever if
You’re not a digging lover. 

I’ll build myself a castle then
(a fortress with a moat!)
At times it seems that I am sure
but I miss help the most.

The waves will come
they come alway
they see the holes
and fill.
The tide will rip
our towers too
but grace will ease
the spill. 

You never know:
what went away
could have it’s joy
here too
And oceans push
and pull one way
could send me back
to you. 


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