The wrong thing to ask is ‘why?’

Why- when all I’ve done is open my heart, and give, and love, and pray, and try, and connect, and reach for good, and listen, and share- would I continue doing so after so much failure? 

What is the point? 

Why carry on seeking romance, seeking education, seeking responsibility and leadership when all of it can come crashing down at any moment? 

I have failed in my relationship. I have failed to get into graduate school. I will be leaving my team of friends in less than a month. So much failure at once demands an explanation. I needed a ‘why’; I needed a reason to carry on and to keep trying.

After a while though, I realized it’s not about the ‘why’. I get up and I keep trying and sharing and seeking good because I simply must. Because as scary as it is to keep failing, good is always right around the corner. 


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