Not giving up but giving in.

Part of loving someone is knowing when to let them go. 

You can do everything perfect. You can be the best person you know how to be. You can learn and grow and smile and share, but if the timing is wrong it’s wrong. It’s no one’s fault and it’s harder to hold on to something like resentment than it is to simply let go.

So, let’s just call this blog what it is. It’s a process of letting go. 
It’s a process of new discovery and new things to come.
I want a place to process the pieces of this new life. 
So– here it is.

It’s just me again. And this time it’s okay. I’m not going to let fear, and doubt, and resentment hold me back from finding love where it calls me… be it in a new city, a new occupation, or a new lover. 

I will never lose sight of the love that rests within me and the different forms it may take. Right now it needs to take the form of acceptance. I can do this. I will do this. 

I am letting go because I love you. The surest way for me to make you happy is to let you bloom on your own. I pray that one day you find your way back to me, but I will not dwell in sadness if our paths forbid it. All I can do is trust that this is just the beginning. 


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